Drugs and medical devices

Access information on drug products, antibiotics, vaccine safety, and the safe use and disposal of medication. Also learn about side effects of certain drugs and medical products.


Drug product database

Get product information on drugs approved in Canada, including human pharmaceutical and biological drugs, veterinary drugs and disinfectant products.

Drug and health product register

Find information on drug product use, safety and common reported side effects.

Medical device active licence listing

Search for medical devices that have an active licence.

Using medications safely

Learn the risks of prescription and non-prescription medications, and how to reduce these risks. Also find how to store and dispose of medications safely.

Antibiotic (antimicrobial) resistance

Help prevent antibiotic resistance by learning about its causes, impact and which bacteria and illnesses are antibiotic-resistant. Also discover helpful resources.


Learn about acetaminophen and which kinds of products it is used in. Also know the related health risks of its use.

Misconceptions about vaccine safety

Know the facts about immunization and its importance for preventing dangerous vaccine-preventable diseases. Also learn how to create a positive vaccination experience.

The use of health products for weight loss

Find out the risks of using prescription drugs and natural health products for weight loss.

Antidepressant drugs

Access information about the symptoms of depression, how antidepressants work and their side effects. Also talk to your doctor about using your medicine safely.

Acne treatments

Discover how acne is treated with medications and its associated health risks. Also learn how to minimize your risk for negative side effects.


Find out how the prescription blood thinner warfarin interacts with drug, natural health and food products. Also learn how to minimize your risk of a negative reaction.

Menstrual tampons

Get information about the health risks of tampon use, including toxic shock syndrome, and how to minimize these risks.

Safe use of medication for children

Keep your children healthy by knowing the proper use, risks and side effects of prescription medication.

Concerns about children’s medication

Certain medications should not be given to children under 6 years old. Find a list of ingredients that are unsafe for young children.

Ask your doctor about your child’s medication

Ask questions about the proper handling, dispensing and storage of medications for your child. Also find answers to frequently asked questions.

Automated external defibrillators (AEDs)

Learn how to choose, properly maintain and store an automated external defibrillator. Find information on cardiac arrest.

Hospital bed safety

Learn about the risks of bedrails in hospitals, nursing homes and home healthcare. Find out how you can prevent bed entrapment by following useful safety tips.

Breast implants

Learn about breast implants and the risks involved with the related surgery.


Risks of cryotherapy and what we're doing to protect your health and safety.

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