Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide

Information on healthy eating, including tips and tools to help you know how much food to eat and the types of foods that are better for you.

Food Guide basics

Learn how Canada's Food Guide can help you and your family know how much food you need and what types of foods are better for you.

Choosing foods

Information on food groups and recommended servings, choosing beverages, fats and oils, preparing meals as well as advice on eating at different stages and ages of life.

Using the Food Guide

Learn how to use Canada's Food Guide to plan meals, shop, read food labels, make fast and easy meals, snack smart, eat out and count Food Guide servings in a meal.

Maintaining healthy habits

Information and resources to help you eat the recommended amounts and types of food, what foods should be limited, as well as information on ways to be active every day.

My Food Guide

Customize your food choices using our interactive tool, My Food Guide.

Canada's Food Guide - First Nations, Inuit and Métis

Explore Canada's Food Guide tailored to reflect traditions and food choices of First Nations, Inuit and Métis.

About Canada's Food Guide

Information on the history of Canada's Food Guide, the evidence base, frequently asked questions and access to banners and icons.

Get your copy

Includes an online version of Canada's Food Guide as well as information on how to access a copy in a number of formats and languages.

Educators & communicators

Find resources for educators and communicators such as ready-to-use presentations and educational toolkits.

Labelling & advertising

Includes guidance on the use of content from Canada's Food Guide resources on food labels or in advertisements.

Copyright guidelines

Information on reproduction, adaptation and copyright permissions for Canada's Food Guide.

Eat Well and Be Active Educational Toolkit

Find out how our Toolkit can help those who teach groups of children and adults about healthy eating and physical activity.

Healthy Eating Toolbox

Access a wide variety of free resources, tools and tips for promoting healthy eating to Canadians.

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