Environmental factors that affect your health can be found both at home and in the workplace. Noise, weather, water quality, and climate change are just a few of the things that can be hazardous to your health.

Learning about hazards in your environment and how to avoid them is the first step to staying safe at home, at work, and at play.


Avoid second-hand smoke

Quit smoking, and protect your family from the effects of second-hand smoke in your home and vehicle.

Household chemical safety

Read and understand the hazard labels on household chemicals, and use them carefully, especially around children.

Air quality health index

Check the air quality health index before planning outdoor activities, especially if seniors, children or people with chronic illnesses are participating.

Use pesticides safely

If you choose to use a pesticide in or around your home, you are responsible for using it safely.

Health effects of ultraviolet radiation

Practice sun safety and know the early signs of heat-related illnesses.

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