Health concerns

Information about disease and conditions, environmental health, road safety, and drugs of abuse and addiction.

Diseases & conditions

Information, tools and facts about symptoms, risks and how to prevent, treat and manage common diseases and illnesses that affect Canadians.

Drugs of abuse & addiction

Information for adults, parents and teens on illegal drugs such as magic mushrooms, ketamine, methamphetamine (meth) and ecstasy.

Pregnancy & fertility

Information about genetic testing and screening, fertility treatments, how to become a donor, and resources like The Sensible Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy.

Smoking & tobacco

Includes tips on how you can quit smoking and information on nicotine addiction, cost calculation and the risks of smoking.

Boating safety

Includes safety information on boating and horsepower restrictions, proof of competency, recreational water activities, life jackets and personal flotation devices.

Environmental health

Information about environmental factors affecting your health such as sun exposure, air quality, pests and pesticides, as well as safety tips for home and garden.


Information and tips to recognize and prevent bullying, break harmful cycles, support children of all ages and build bullying prevention programs.

Childhood obesity

Information about health problems for obese children and how to help children maintain a healthy weight, including tips on being active and eating well.

Cyber safety tips

Information about online privacy, security and social interactions, and tips for teaching youth how to protect their identity and prevent cyberbullying.

Emergency preparedness

Includes tips to make emergency kits and plans, prepare for extreme weather and teach children to properly use 9-1-1.

Infant care

Information to keep your baby safe with information about baby slings and strollers, bottles and pacifiers, and infant nutrition.

Injury prevention

Includes tips to prevent injuries at home and outside with safety information on swimming and holidays, blind cords and other common hazards.

Physical activity

Information on how to encourage physical activity for children, receive fitness tax credits and integrate active transportation in your life.

Railway safety

Information on railway signs, devices and warnings, and safety tips for train commuters, children and cyclists.

Road safety

Information to keep you and your children safe on the road, including choosing a car and a car restraint, when to replace a child's car seat, and buying second-hand car seats.

Safe sleep

Information on bunk beds, cribs, cradles and bassinets and safe sleep tips, and guidelines on children's sleepwear.

Sexual health

Information on preventing, managing and treating sexually transmitted infections like genital herpes, chlamydia, human papillomavirus and gonorrhea.

Organ & tissue donation

Includes tips on how to donate your organs and tissues to help save the lives of Canadians waiting for transplants.

Protect yourself from Lyme disease

Information about Lyme disease, a serious illness caused by tick bites, and how to protect yourself.

Sun safety

Information about how to protect yourself and your family from the sun's harmful rays, and the risks of over-exposure.

Learn about drugs: parents

Educate yourself about drugs and how you can keep your child from using them.

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