Proposed food label changes

Explore the improvements that will be made to food labels based on feedback from Canadians and stakeholders. Also learn about the Canada Gazette, Part I consultation process.

Services and information

Canada Gazette, Part I consultation

Access a summary of the changes Canada is proposing for food labels. Also learn about the consultation process and how Canadians and stakeholders can provide their feedback.

Nutrition facts table

Understand how Canada is proposing to improve the nutrition facts table on food labels.

List of ingredients

Discover Canada's proposed changes to the list of ingredients on food labels.

Serving size

Get information on how Canada is proposing to change serving size on food labels to help make comparing foods easier.

Sugars information

Learn about the proposed changes to the information related to sugars on food labels.

Technical documents

Table of reference amounts for food

Obtain criteria to express serving of stated size of packaged foods.

Table of daily values

Access information about daily values of food for adults and children.

Directory of nutrition facts table formats

Receive guidance about the content, format and label specifications of food.

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