Healthy living

Find information about the risks of substance abuse, smoking and tobacco. Learn about healthy pregnancy and environmental factors that can affect your health.


Immunization and vaccines

Information and facts about immunization, including travel and influenza vaccines and Canada's vaccine safety network.

Substance abuse

Information about drugs and substances that have the potential to be misused or abused, like controlled and illegal drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol and other substances. Includes information on how to talk to your teen and getting help.

Healthy pregnancy

Learn about genetic testing and screening, fertility treatments and how to become a sperm or egg donor. Also find helpful resources for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Smoking and tobacco

Access smoking facts and figures, including information on tobacco products, labelling, the effects of smoking, second-hand smoke, prevention and quitting.

Health and the environment

Learn about environmental factors affecting your health such as sun exposure, air quality, pests and pesticides, as well as safety tips for home and garden.

Childhood obesity

Find information about childhood obesity. Also learn how to encourage children to have healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle.

Boating and water safety

Find safety information on boating and horsepower restrictions, proof of competency, recreational water activities, life jackets and personal flotation devices.

Infant care

Find safety information on baby slings, strollers, bottles and pacifiers. Also learn about infant nutrition.

Being active

Learn how to encourage children to be active as well as make active transportation a part of your own lifestyle. Also find information on fitness tax credits.

Safe sleep

Find information on bunk beds, cribs, cradles and bassinets. Also find safe sleep tips and guidelines on children's sleepwear.

Sexual health

Find information on preventing, managing and treating sexually transmitted infections like genital herpes, chlamydia, human papillomavirus and gonorrhea.

Injury prevention

Find safety information to prevent injuries at home and outdoors.

Mental health and wellness

Learn about mental health and how to improve it to benefit you. Also get information on mental illness, its risk factors, symptoms, treatment and suicide prevention.

Travel health and safety

Includes essential information on understanding travel health and safety risks and preventive measures to take before and during your trip.

Oral health

Discover how to take care of your teeth, prevent oral diseases and access First Nation and Inuit dental benefit information.

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Carbon monoxide

Protect your family by installing a CO detector in your home or cottage.

White grubs

Find out what they are and how to get rid of them.

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