Infant care

Information to keep your baby safe with information about baby slings and strollers, bottles and pacifiers, and infant nutrition.

Baby bottles and pacifiers

Baby bottles and pacifiers are part of the everyday toolkit of many parents with young children. But each comes with its own risks if not cared for properly.

Baby slings and carriers

Many parents use baby slings and carriers to carry their babies. While having your child close to you may be practical, using these products incorrectly can lead to injury or suffocation.

Strollers and carriages

Strollers and carriages can be a huge part of your daily life when your children are young. These products are regulated in Canada for safety, but in addition to making sure your stroller or carriage meets current standards, it's also important to know how to use it safely.

Infant nutrition

As a parent, you want to make sure your baby gets the nutrition he or she needs to grow up strong and healthy. Today, most women are breastfeeding their babies. Breast milk promotes healthy growth and development and is the best food for your baby.

Infant formula

When a baby is not breastfed, liquid infant formula and powdered infant formula are acceptable alternatives. For caregivers and parents who may not have access to liquid infant formula, or when a suitable liquid infant formula is not available, powdered infant formula can be used if it's prepared properly.


It is very important to make sure a playpen is assembled correctly before using it. Follow the manufacturer's instructions completely, as well as guidelines regarding the weight and age of child the playpen is made for.

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