Find reliable, easy-to-understand health and safety information for Canadians and health professionals.



Risks, safety & emergencies

Information about recalls and safety alerts, as well as tips on home safety and emergency preparedness.

Food & nutrition

Information to help you choose nutritious foods, handle, prepare and store them safely and learn about food labels, poisoning and sodium.

Drugs, health & consumer products

Find information on drugs, medicines and health products, antibiotic resistance, and medical procedures and devices. Also learn how to report side effects of health product use.

Diseases & conditions

Get information on common diseases and illnesses that affect Canadians, and also on food allergies. As well, learn how to donate organs and tissues.

Healthy living

Find information about the risks of substance abuse, smoking and tobacco. Learn about healthy pregnancy and environmental factors that can affect your health.

Aboriginal health

Find information about health care services and non-insured health benefits, how to fight drug and substance abuse, environmental health, food safety and how to have a healthy pregnancy.

Health system & services

Information about Health Canada's role in the health care system and services, including primary health care and pharmaceuticals coverage, as well as home and community care.

Science, research & data

Information about health science, research, data, monitoring and surveillance, and determinants of health.

Ebola virus disease

Join the #FightEbola

The current outbreak of Ebola is in Central and West Africa. There have not been any cases of Ebola in Canada.

Blood, organ and tissue donation

Become a blood, organ and tissue donor

Prevent teen drug abuse

Get the facts and talk with your kids about the dangers of drugs

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