Find reliable, easy-to-understand health and safety information for Canadians and health professionals.


Recalls & safety alerts

Includes recalls and safety alerts related to consumer products, vehicles, child car seats, and food and health products.

Food & nutrition

Information to help you choose nutritious foods, handle, prepare and store them safely and learn about food labels, poisoning and sodium.

Drugs & health products

Information about drugs and health products, how to apply for or produce marihuana for medical purposes and report side effects related to health products.

Consumer products

Information about children's products such as toys and cribs, cosmetics and household products like cleaning liquids and detergents.

Immunization & vaccines

Information and facts about immunization, including travel and influenza vaccines and Canada's vaccine safety network.

Health concerns

Information about diseases and conditions, road safety and drugs of abuse and addiction.

First Nations & Inuit health

Find information about health care services and non-insured health benefits, how to fight drug and substance abuse, environmental health, food safety and how to have a healthy pregnancy.

For health professionals

Includes how to report adverse reactions, access guides and reports, get information on drugs and health products or emergency preparedness and response, and access information and research about Canadian health indicators and surveillance.

For industry

Information on applications and submissions for drug or natural health products in Canada, workplace safety relating to pathogens and workplace hazardous materials, pesticides and good manufacturing practices for drug products.

Allergens and food safety at school

Information about food allergens at school and tips on how to help limit the chance of an adverse reaction.

Video Gallery

View videos on health and safety including healthy eating tips, product safety and more.

Protect yourself from Lyme disease

Information about Lyme disease, a serious illness caused by tick bites, and how to protect yourself.

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