Find reliable, easy-to-understand health and safety information for Canadians and health professionals.



Health risks and safety

Access information about recalls and safety alerts, as well as tips on home safety and being prepared in an emergency.

Food and nutrition

Get information on food label requirements and buying food grown or prepared in Canada. Also learn how to understand food labels and report a labelling concern.

Drugs and health products

Information on product licences, drug and health product inspections, buying and using products safely, and side effects, recalls and complaints.

Product safety

Find recalls and alerts, health risks and Canadian standards and regulations for consumer, pest control and chemical products. Also learn how to report a problem.

Diseases and conditions

Find information about common diseases, food allergies and organ and tissue donation.

Healthy living

Find information about the risks of substance abuse, smoking and tobacco. Learn about healthy pregnancy and environmental factors that can affect your health.

Aboriginal health

Information on Aboriginal health, including physical and mental health services, addictions, non-insured health benefits, environmental health, nutrition and food safety.

Health system and services

Learn about Canada's health care system and services. This includes health cards, primary health care, hospital and continuing care, funding and coverage for pharmaceuticals.

Science, research and data

Access information about health science, research, data, monitoring and surveillance, and the determinants of health.


May is Food Allergy Awareness Month

Learn about food allergies, sensitivities and interlorances, and how to identify common food allergens.

Lyme disease

This season, make tick prevention part of your outdoor plans.

Medical assistance in dying

Learn about medical assistance in dying and the proposed legislation. 

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