Healthy Canadians

Information to help keep you and your family safe and healthy.


Recalls & safety alerts

Includes recalls and safety alerts related to consumer products, vehicles, child car seats, and food and health products.


Information to help you support the physical and emotional health and safety of your kids.

Food & nutrition

Tips to help you choose nutritious foods, and information on how to handle, prepare and store them safely.

Your health

Information on common health concerns and tips to ensure you and your family stay healthy.


Solutions for staying safe at home, work and play by understanding environments, chemical product safety and health risks.

Consumer products

Safety advice on common household products, such as cosmetics, personal health items and toys.

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Video Gallery

View videos on health and safety including healthy eating tips, product safety and more.

Smoking and tobacco

Quitting smoking may improve the length and quality of your life. When you give up cigarettes, your body starts to renew itself as early as the first day of quitting. You can quit smoking. We can help.

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