What can parents do?

All adults - including parents - should talk openly about bullying with the children in their care, and should be prepared to deal directly with any problems that arise, whether at school, among groups of friends, or in other social situations.

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What is bullying?

Bullying has had increasingly high profile in recent years as people have come to understand how deeply it can wound children and how tragic the consequences can sometimes be.

Bullying (4-11)

The cycle of bullying often begins between the ages of four and eleven when children are forming their own social identities at school and through other activities.

Bullying (Ages 12-17)

As children get older, the type and range of bullying behaviour increases.

Parent's role

Bullying is a power struggle that is difficult to resolve without the help of an adult.

Bullying prevention programs

Successful intervention decreases the amount of bullying in schools by 20 to 70 percent.

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