Healthy Eating and the Nutrition Facts table

Transcript - Healthy Eating and the Nutrition Facts table

Close up of several shopping carts.

Sound of shopping carts being separated.

Sound of light background music.

Woman grocery shopping in freezer aisle places item in a shopping cart.

Now in dairy section, the woman puts milk in her cart.

Now in dry goods aisle, the woman compares the backs of two boxes of food.

Narrator - Making informed food choices can sometimes be challenging for all of us.

Close up of Nutrition Facts table on pre-packaged food box.

Graphic - Symbols from the Nutrition Facts table lift off the boxes and swirl around woman.

Swirling, metallic sounds.

Narrator - Use the percent daily value in the Nutrition Facts table to quickly understand if a food has a little or a lot of a nutrient.

Woman returns one box to shelf and puts the other in cart.

Graphic - Percent Daily Value logo with web URL with logos of Food & Consumer Products of Canada and Health Canada at the bottom.

Narrator - Learn how atPercent daily value

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