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Mastercraft Machine Oil (sold with power tools) by Canadian Tire

Starting date:
November 4, 2010
Posting date:
November 4, 2010
Type of communication:
Consumer Product Recall
Miscellaneous, Chemicals, Tools and Electrical Products
Source of recall:
Health Canada
Product Safety
General Public (GP)
Identification number:

Affected products

Mastercraft Machine Oil (sold with power tools) by Canadian Tire

Product description

This recall involves Mastercraft machine oil included with power tools by Canadian Tire. The machine oil was NOT sold separately as an individual product.

The machine oil comes in a bottle and is supplied with power tools that must be attached to air compressors. It comes in a drop-by-drop dispenser that releases the machine oil one drop at a time. Both the machine oil and power tool is packaged in a hard cover blow-moulded case with a dual sliding lock mechanism.

The machine oil included with the following power tools are affected by this recall:
Product Number Model Number Description Date First Sold in Stores
058-7872-6 RP7857 Mastercraft 100 piece Air Tool Kit 2005-07-06
058-7909-2 RP7871 Mastercraft 71 piece Air Tool Kit 2007-01-03
058-8060-2 RP7849 Motomaster Tool Kit 2008-06-17
058-8179-2 CN45 Mastercraft Coil Roofing Nailer 2006-11-30
058-8413-4 RP7431 Mastercraft ½″ Impact Wrench 2004-01-30
058-8415-0 RP7436A Mastercraft ⅜″ Impact Gun 2004-01-30
058-8416-8 RP7408 Mastercraft ⅜″ Air Ratchet 2004-01-30
058-8417-6 RP7413 Mastercraft ⅜″ Stubby Air Ratchet 2004-01-30
058-8418-4 RP7624H Mastercraft Air Chisel 2004-01-30
058-8419-2 RP7313AM Mastercraft Full Die Grinder ¼″ 2004-01-30
058-8421-4 RP7620 Mastercraft Cut-off Tool 2004-01-30
058-8422-2 RP7110 Mastercraft ⅜″ Air Drill 2004-01-30
058-8423-0 RP7439 Mastercraft Butterfly ½″ Impact Wrench 2004-01-30
058-8425-6 RP7316 Mastercraft Dual Action Sander 2004-01-30
058-8434-4 CHF9034RA Mastercraft 3½″ Framing Nailer 2006-11-30
058-8436-0 T64R Mastercraft 2½″ Finishing Nailer 2004-01-30
058-8489-4 TF6450 Mastercraft 3-in-1 Mag Nailer 2008-04-30
058-8548-4 SF5040RC Mastercraft 2-in-1 Nailer 2008-06-17
058-8551-4 RP9800N Mastercraft 3-in-1 Floor Nailer 2008-06-17
058-8552-2 DA64R Mastercraft Angle Finish Nailer 2008-06-17
058-8650-8 CN90 Mastercraft Maximum Coil Framing Nailer 2008-06-17
099-3897-4 RP9200-B Mastercraft 3-in-1 Nailer + Coil Roofing Nailer 2009-05-26
099-6962-0 CHF9034RA+SF Mastercraft Nailers, 2-pack 2008-06-09


Hazard identified

It has been determined that the machine oil included in the packaging of these Mastercraft power tools poses an aspiration hazard. Ingestion of this machine oil may result in serious adverse health effects.

The machine oil bottle does not have the proper hazard labelling and child resistant caps as required by Canadian law. The lack of labelling and child-resistant packaging may result in serious illnesses or injuries.

Neither Canadian Tire nor Health Canada has received any reports of incidents or illness to Canadians related to the use of the machine oil.

Number sold

The exact number of power tools sold that include the recalled machine oil is unknown.

Time period sold

The power tools containing the recalled machine oil were sold between January 2004 and May 2010.

Canadian Tire stores began receiving and selling power tools containing compliant machine oil as of June 2010.

Place of origin

Manufactured in China.


Canadian Tire Corporation Limited
Tel: 1-800-387-8803

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What you should do

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled machine oil and contact Mastercraft to determine whether the power tool they purchased contains the recalled machine oil.

Consumers with products that are affected by this recall will be supplied with a new bottle of oil for their power tools. The oil in the new bottle has been reformulated so that it does not pose an aspiration hazard and does not require cautionary labelling and child resistant packaging.

Consumers should dispose of the recalled machine oil as per Municipal Hazardous Waste Guidelines.

For more information, consumers may contact Mastercraft at 1-800-689-9928 to have free replacement machine oil shipped to them at no cost.